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Your contacts at Horizon rely on decades of expertise and are professionals recognized in their field. But above all, their ability to respect your uniqueness, their commitment to provide you with solutions, and their innovative spirit will make the difference on the long term.

The Mission

Our mission statement is to provide you with all the support required to accomplish your short and long term goals.
We will assist you in the preservation, development and transmission of your wealth, but also embrace what makes you unique. Horizon’s strength is to offer a non-generic range of solutions to its clients, flexible and tailor-made, according to the goals we will set together.

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Horizon, an independent
partner for your benefit

Horizon Invest Partners is a Swiss private company based in Geneva, member of the ARIF (Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers), guaranteeing ongoing compliance with the highest ethical standards in the wealth management industry.

Our pillars are independence, transparency and performance. One’s family wealth must be handled with as much care and know-how as a corporate structure. Everything must be performed to safeguard and increase the assets on the long term, in order to successfully pass it on to future generations.

Horizon benefits from its extended network of professional partners, independents and specialists, with whom we share close links in order to always offer best-in-class optimization and structuring solutions.

Active Entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs lack one major resource: time.

While devoting time to their business activities and enhance their potential to open up to new horizons, entrepreneurs want to make sure their family is provided with all the best-in-class services, and that their longterm goals are met and taken care of.

At Horizon, we are always available, flexible and proactive for our clients.

The Corporate Office service we've developped provides support, informs and advises these business leaders who become clients at Horizon. The economic, legal and tax environments are indeed constantly changing worldwide, requiring flexible and reactive partners to face them.


We set up family strategies with our clients, and focus our efforts on integrating their values and vision into it.

We help families to quickly adjust to the rapid changes in life after unexpected upheavals. Horizon has the required experience to support families on the various aspects generated by such changes.

We are at our client’s side to assist in the management of an inheritance and to answer all the expectations in terms of wealth protection and control.

We also handle the management of family structures and third-party expertise as law and notary services.

Who are our clients?

Today’s world accounts for many very wealthy individuals, among which a large proportion of company founders and business leaders who are largely based in emerging economies. Those individuals are very well informed, are travelling a lot and have increasingly complex needs.

At Horizon, we gather all the talents required to be able to take care of them. We offer our services and cooperation to clients who trust us not only with the management of their wealth, but also with the consolidated oversight of their non-financial assets such as real estate, companies, and personal assets: yachts and private jets, vehicles and art collection.

A One-Stop Solution

To gain a thorough understanding of your situation and objectives, we will work closely with you by involving all the talents required to satisfy your needs. We offer a range of solutions that can be tailored in accordance with your needs and requirements.

Family Office and Private Wealth Management

Horizon offers Investment Management and full Family Office services. Through the combination of trust management and asset management, a comprehensive and tailored assistance is provided to facilitate all the administration and banking operation tasks.

Horizon can also deliver assistance for residency in Switzerland for both individuals and companies, providing guidance on local knowledge, the application procedure and support throughout the process.

Horizon Family Office

You benefit from a single point of contact opening you the door to multiple services, from the investment advisor to tax specialist, everything is at your fingertips thanks to the Horizon Family Office services.

Family Office

We maintain tight relationships with trustful third party experts such as lawyers, tax optimizing experts, accountants and asset valuation experts.

Asset Management

Horizon’s asset management platform as well as our asset managers’ valuable experience will allow you to set up tailor-made investment strategies according to your short and long term goals.

Administrative Management

We offer a large selection of services from accounting to company domiciliation and payment instructions/transmission.

Corporate Office Management

We assist our entrepreneur clients in establishing and structuring their professional operations. We also offer a large range of corporate treasury services.

Real Estate Management

We advise you in the valuation and negociation of mortgages and in the refinancing of existing assets.

Our weatlh management toolbox

To gain a thorough understanding of your situation and objectives we will work closely with you, involving all the talents required to satisfy your needs. We offer a range of solutions that can be tailored in accordance with your needs and requirements.

Consolidated Portfolio

Having a live and consolidated view of your assets is a crucial step before taking decisions.

Horizon collaborates with the leaders in banking and asset management software, and developed in-house tools to offer you an aggregated view of your financial and non-financial assets.

Real Estate - Cost/
revenue management
Art Masterpieces
Business &
Wealth & Estate Planning

We know all our clients personally, and work hard to always be there with a suited solution for them, at each step of their life.

Horizon will become your biggest asset for building, nurturing and transmitting your wealth according to the goals we’d have set together.

Advisory & Asset Management

Our financial advisors have the independence and flexibility to offer you unbiased, personalized advice, while designing customized and creative investment strategies suited to your needs.

We partner with the best international and local institutions in the financial community in order to offer you competitive investment services and access to wellperforming funds and instruments.

Trading & Tailor-Made Solutions

Through our global alliances with leading investment banks and capital market expertise, we offer you the most competitive trading options.

Horizon will also continuously monitor your positions and offer regular performance reports on your portfolio in order to never miss opportunities.

Custodian Banks Network

We offer a large network of selected leading custodian banking institutions, all perfectly suited to your needs.

The diversity of our offer is our strength: according to the goals and targets we set together, we will be able to offer you the banking institution(s) that suits you best.